Monday, February 14, 2011


When I say "Frisbee" I'm sure that most people think it's a game of catch, and why would that be a good cardio workout? There are many different ways to play frisbee such as Ultimate, Double Disc, Goaltimate, and Disc golf. This past weekend I was reintroduced to Double disc, and got a great cardio workout for the limited time we spent playing. Having weekly Ultimate games would be a great alternative to going to the gym! It's inexpensive and can be played just about anywhere. There are some injuries that can happen if you decide to play one of these disc games, but unless you are a hard-core ultimate player, the most severe are broken nails or jammed fingers. Just make sure you are playing in a location that doesn't have a lot of pot holes. Also make sure you bring water and snacks in case you get dehydrated or hungry!

How to play

Get a group of friends together at a park or field so that you have a maximum of 7 players per team. Having fewer is ok, just do not have more than 7. The field size should be 40 yards by 127 yards with end zones at each end being about 25 yards each. The goal of Ultimate is to score points by catching the disc (frisbee) in the end zone of the opposing team. There are quite a few rules that make this goal difficult. The most important rule is that players cannot run with the disc. One foot is allowed to move as a pivot point only. The player with the disc in hand only gets 10 seconds to pass the disc. After 10 seconds if the disc has not been passed, the opposite team gains control, similar to a turnover in football. Other "turnovers" include dropping the disc, a blocked pass, interception, missing a pass, or if the disc is thrown out of bounds. The game continues until one team reaches 15 points and has a two-point margin over the opposing team, or until either team reaches 17 points. Half-time occurs when one team reaches 8 points and generally lasts for 10 minutes. Each team is allowed two 70 second time outs per half. Time outs can only be called by the player who currently has possession of the disc, or by any player during the time after a point has been scored. When both teams have reached 14 points, only one time out is allowed to be called per team.

Double Disc
This is played with 4 players total, two on each side. The court is made up of rope or some other material to represent the boundaries. There are two sides, each being a square with dimensions of 30ft. x 30ft. These sides are separated by 30ft. of space that is considered out of bounds. Each team starts with one disc. The goal is to get both discs in the hands of the opposing team or having the opposing team throw a disc out of bounds, miss a catch, or drop the disc. Doing any of those successful awards you a point. This can be played up to as many points as the group decides.

Goaltimate is a half-court game similar to hot box. The goal is to score points by throwing the disc to a teammate in the end zone through a large semicircular hoop. There are two teams of four players each. The disc may only be tossed through the hoop in the scoring direction, if it passes through the opposite way, it results in a turnover and the opposing team gains control of the disc. Like Ultimate, there is a time limit that the possessor has before the disc must be passed, which is 5 seconds. The same turnover rules apply here as they do in Ultimate for drops, intercepts, out of bounds, and going over the possession time limit. Usually games are played until one team scores 5 points. 5 games make up a match.

Disc Golf
Golf is played by however many players want to play. The goal is to throw a disc into a basket, or hit a target in a little throws as possible, similar to golf played with golf clubs :) There are rules for disc golf, but many people play just for fun and do not adhere to the regulation rules. Players generally start at the "tee pad" or starting area. This is where all players must make their first toss from at the start of each "hole". You may not exit the starting area until the disc has been released from your hand. Running starts are permitted as long as the player is still in the starting area when the disc is released. There aren't hazards in disc golf but if a disc is tossed into water, on a road or concrete, it is considered out of bounds and a one-shot penalty is taken. If you throw your disc out of bounds, you can either play from where the disc was last at rest, or you can play from where the disc crossed the out of bounds line. There are also things called "mandatories" on some disc golf courses. These mandatories are objects or obstacles that the disc must pass a certain way. For example, a flag may be placed on the course that says "left mandatory". This indicates that the disc must pass to the left of the flag. There are sets of discs you can get that have putters and drivers in them that are ideal for long distance tosses (drivers), or short distance (putters). Here is an example of a set of discs: Discraft Beginner Box Disc Golf Set

Tip of the Day - Find activities you can do with friends. Skip the gym for a day and play some disc golf or ultimate, or even just go on a hike! Changing up your routine will prevent boredom and keep you excited about being fit!

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