Monday, February 28, 2011

Funny Craigslist Postings

As some of you know, my precious kitty Jack has gone missing since last Monday. Since then I've been searching Craigslist and Shelters in the areas to see if anyone has found him (to no avail). These are some funny things on craigslist that I've come across while looking for my cat:

I Found A Joint
I was doing my round at work this morning and found this joint, it seems like its rolled very well and the weed smells really good.
If its yours and noticed you lost a joint, reply to this email and I will return it.
for now it will just sit on my counter...

Did someone neuter my cat?
My cat disappeared for a day and a half. When she came back she had the underside of her back end shaved. We think someone took her to get spayed but then found the scar from her actual spaying and let her go. We do have some batty people next door that think we're irresponsible for having 4 cats, they may have decided we were that irresponsible? Who knows, but I have heard from other people as well that this happens. Bunch of Batty Nutter Animal people out there!

Found a Shoe
Found a little kids shoe in the parking lot of Taco Bell today while having a late lunch. Its a carters brand brown and tan sandal type shoe. size 6! did ur kid lose a shoe? if so write me back and I will meet u somewhere. bring the mate and its urs lol

Cat Stolen By Ugly Neighbor
Snowshoe-pattern Siamese trapped on Erinbrook Way in Glenbrook on July 31, 2009 by someone named Mary Asbury. Mary is described as a tallish, older woman, kind of ugly and sort of stupid-looking. She works as a data input person and has an interest in singing doo-wop music. She may have given it to someone in her A.A. group or to someone at her church. If you know where this cat is, please call Alan at (916) 383-5341

Lost Daddies Girl
She ran off around 6-15 at night with my male. They are both boxers, we found him in jail. She is about 2 1/2 3 years old. She looks like a gremlin a little. She walks with her butt towards you. We need her back. 530-344-3478 she is black and white the pic is a little over a year old she is a little heavier and we dont spoil her. She sleeps with her dad. Well she is mostly boxer.

Might have flagged you!
thank you for your posting. It was helpful.
Bless you for taking the time to care.
I tried to reply to your posting...I might have accidently flagged it. Sorry if that's the case.

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