Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fixing up the house

This is a little bit late considering all this work was done back in January, but I figure, better late than never right?!

Back in January a couple of my very best friends made the journey up to Sac to help me clean the house. One of our roommates was moving out that day and our other roommate had a birthday coming up and since it's his house, we thought it would be nice to do a massive cleaning of it. My boyfriend and I also did a mini remodel of our bathroom. I've got before, middle, and after pictures to share :)

The Bathroom
When George bought the house, the bathroom was already painted with this sparkly green sponge painting thing with purple and green flowers. Completely not our style and in my opinion completely ugly! Granted, it did take some skill and I bet a ton of time to do this paint job, but the colors were just awful.

The toilet was also leaking and there was a blueish ring around the toilet that you could see in the linoleum floor. Jeremy ripped up the linoleum and put down Allure vinyl floor that looks like wood but isn't. It's very very nice and looks so much better than the linoleum!

 Here we are after doing a base coat of white throughout the entire bathroom. Already it looks much better than before :) In total I think between Kevin and I, there are 3 coats of white and in some places you can still see those pesky purple flowers showing through. I'll eventually do another coat of white for the troublesome areas but for now it is livable.

 Here is the finished bathroom! The blue comes across a little bit more blue than it is. It's got more green in it to make it more of a turquoise color. Surprisingly, the bathroom isn't as "dark" as it was before. We only painted two walls this blue color, the wall behind the shower and the wall that the mirror is hung on. It's just the right amount! The rest of the room is painted white and with the reflection in the mirror makes the room look so bright!

Now to the house. I have to warn you, it's bad. It's really bad.

House Cleaning
 This is what it looked like when Jenna and Kevin arrived. Junk and garbage EVERYWHERE! A lot of this is stuff from the roommate Rob who was moving out that day and some of it was from when Jeremy and I moved in several months before this, but it's all preventable and it's all our faults that it got this bad.

The first picture on the right is the kitchen. In that room there were 2 very stinky couches and a love seat along the walls, a table buried in there somewhere and boxes full of crap strewn about. The middle picture and the picture on the left are all the front room when you walk in the house. If you can tell, there is a pool table under all of that stuff! I don't think carpets had ever been cleaned and maybe vacuumed only a handful of times in the 5+ years that George and friends have lived here. Needless to say the carpet was very very icky when we finally found it.

This is about halfway through the cleaning phase. Jenna and Kevin went through literally every cupboard and cabinet and every nook and cranny they could reach. Luckily they didn't find anything dead hiding anywhere. But there were some very old and expired items sitting around that I don't think anyone had touched since the day they were brought home from the grocery store ><.

The garbage bags are just a portion of the amount of trash we ended up tossing out that day. I think Robert said in total they took over 1000 lbs of stuff to the dump. And we still have the garage to tackle in the next couple of weeks :)

Plus some black guy came and took/stole the ping pong table, lawn mower, and our kitchen trash can from the front porch, amongst other misc. items that were out there temporarily.

Kevin also found this amazing note that someone had written to keep other roommates from eating their food. Priceless :) **Parental warning, this note has vulgar language**

Here we are, at the end of the day, exhausted and hungry and feeling kind of icky from that whole day of cleaning, painting and working hard...

This first image isn't how the kitchen turned out in the end. We were waiting for the carpets to dry from being cleaned so that we could move some of the furniture back into the front room. 
 Jenna is about to start steam cleaning the carpets. That steam cleaner was pretty amazing. Carpets that looked like people walked in mud and then walked inside, looked nearly brand new when Jenna was finished!

 George came home and for the first time since he bought the house he felt like laying down on the carpets because they weren't so dirty that he would need to take a shower after walking barefoot on them :) If you wore white socks and walked on the carpets before they were cleaned, you would have to bleach those babies to get them white again.
In total, that was such an exhausting but rewarding day for all of us. Now I have to return the favor to Jenna and Kevin since they were such great friends to sacrifice their day to help me clean!


  1. Great job on the house! Doesn't it feel great to fix everything up? And I love the name of your blog - because really, it's that what we're all doing, talking about ourselves? :)

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  3. Thank you for the comments and follows! I'm really excited to get the hang of the blogging world. It's been so much fun and I can only see it getting even more interesting! Thanks again <3

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