Wednesday, April 27, 2011

31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins

Tonight is 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins ice cream! This event benefits local firefighters so I encourage everyone to head to their participating Baskin Robbins tonight! I know I'm going and I'm getting some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and maybe some gumball ice cream :) I'll probably convince Jeremy to get a scoop or two and I would bet he will get mint chocolate chip. Yum! Hopefully the line isn't too long when we get there and hopefully they haven't run out of my favorite flavors!!

Here is the link on the B&R website :) Hope you all can make it out!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wow I feel Lame

I took a long and unintended hiatus from blogging the past couple of weeks. I have no reason as to why, just felt like it! It felt good to get back to the way life was without the internet (I took a break from that too except for what was needed for work) and I planted a garden! Brief summary of the past couple of weeks:

  • George my roommate found a 10 day old male kitten and named him Tiberius. He is so adorable!
  • I planted 4 tomato plants, 2 cherry tomato and 2 normal sized tomato plants! Hoping they don't die. I have a deep black thumb when it comes to plants.
  • Got my newish car! It's amazing. I got 28 miles per gallon vs 14 with my old blazer. I'm in love with it and I don't think I'll ever get any car that isn't a BMW.
  • Went bridesmaid dress shopping and got a good idea of the style that miss Jenna prefers. And spent some quality time with some of the greatest girls!
And that's about all for the interesting things that have happened in the past couple of weeks. I'm pretty beat from a workout tonight so I'll have to write something more heartfelt tomorrow :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Days 12 and 13 because I'm a huge Slacker

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had nearly the amount of time to blog as I would like! Jeremy is working on becoming in racing shape and I'm his cheerleader, which takes up most of my Saturday and my evening on Wednesday. It's so fun to go out and watch him ride but I worry for him when it looks like he is about to eat shit. I'll admit, I tend to laugh first, then worry when he's done how sore he is going to be :)

Anyway, back to the grind with days 12 and 13 and hopefully tomorrow a real blog post!

Day 12 - A picture of your favorite food
I mentioned before that mexican food is my favorite so here is another google stolen picture :)

Day 13 - A picture of your friends - I don't have one picture with all of my friends so I'm posting a few to hopefully get them all in here but I might end up missing a couple of them. Don't worry I still <3 you!  In No Particular Order!

Starting from the right, Me (live long and prosper) and Jerm (whitest gangsta ever) in the back, Jenna and Theresa crouching in the front, Kevin dead middle, Brad with his creepy wink and Peter (I think that's his name) on the end on the left.

This is me, Leslie and Cassi. My two best Chico friends who I miss terribly!

There are so many in this picture! The beautiful bride and handsome groom are Holly and Matt, Jerm and I are sitting directly in front of them, to the right (in the picture) sitting would be Miss Becky and her hubby JD, standing to the right are Julie and her hubby Seth, to the left of the bride and groom standing are Sean and his date and I don't know the rest of the people haha.

This is at Blizzcon 2010 starting from the left, Rob, Jordan, Dennis, me and Jerm.

This is Jessica and me with half of Craig cut off haha!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award + Days 10 and 11

I am so flattered and extremely appreciative of Tanya at
Tanya Photography - Pieces of Me
for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I started this blog as a fitness blog and then realized that I have so much going on in my life that I might as well make it an "about me" blog and quickly added some posts about my crafts and life in general. It's kind of theraputic for me to blog and I'm so glad that others enjoy reading about my life. I hope that I can continue to write better blogs and touch as many people as I can in positive ways. Thanks again! <3

This award comes with some rules. Here are the rules:

•Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

•Tell us seven things about yourself

•Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers

•Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve received their award.

                     Here are 7 things about ME
  1. I love knitting and sewing and being crafty in general. Improving my craft skills makes me happy and keeps me busy!
  2. I love pets. Cats, dogs, bunnies, anything furry and cuddly and I melt!
  3. I am happily in a relationship with my UHmazing boyfriend Jeremy and I love torturing him with stories about our cat Chainsaw and letting chainsaw sleep with us :)
  4. I am a fitness fanatic. I've been doing P90X for a few months, not as consistently as I would like but I think I've been doing pretty well and it's so much fun!
  5. Mexican food is my weakness. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I could eat mexican food everyday for the rest of my life and be happy!
  6. I love marketing. I am going to school for it, and that's what I do at my job currently and it is so much fun! It's always changing and keeps me on my toes.
  7. I love all types of music but today I'm really digging Britney's new music video Till the World Ends.
           I picked these blogs because they are so insipirational for me and are examples of the kinds of creations I want to be able to make and have them look half as good as these wonderful people :) Here are my nominations for this award:

1.  Becks Cricards
2. Card Monkey
3. Cards and More Cards
4. Creations by Cindy
5. Custom Scrabook Blog Design
6. Homemade Happiness
7. Julie's Rubber Temple
8. Linda's Craft Corner
9. Lorna's Laces
10. Love Crafts Forever
11. Queer Joe's Knitting Blog
12. Scrap Happens
13. Scrapbooking is Cheaper Than Therapy
14. Staying Crafty
15. Fruit of My Hands

And now for Days 10 and 11 :)

Day 10 - A picture of what you like to do
Knit :)

Day 11 - A picture of your favorite drink

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    Day 9 of 30 Days of Pictures

    Day 09 - A picture of what you had for lunch

    I had a veggie burrito from Favela's in Vacaville. This isn't a picture of it, I just got this off of google because I chomped my burrito too fast for anyone to take a picture :)

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Day 8 of 30 Days of Pictures

    Day 08 - A picture of yourself

    This is me today, after my P90X workout so don't judge my tiredness, or my sunburn :)

    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Farewell, sweet car and Day 7 of 30 Days

    It's official. The first car I ever owned is gone. Sold. Never coming back. I have some amazing memories with that car. I remember the first time I saw it. I was in high school, and had just gotten my driver's license and my sister was getting hers soon and the family needed another car. I was driving home from school and saw this gorgeous forest green S10 blazer out in front the house of one of my dad's friends. As soon as I got home I told my dad that I wanted that car and no other car.

    "Let's look around anyway" and so we did. We went to the local dealerships and looked at "little" cars, of which I despised and vowed to never own. Unsuccessful, my dad called up his friend and asked if he could test drive the car for a couple of days. We did, and I LOVED it! But, it was too expensive.

    Disappointed, I forgot about the car and went about my daily life still driving the junker 1973 Ford Courier (traumatic experience). Then one morning I came home from a friend's house and saw the green blazer out front. "Why is the blazer out front?" I asked my dad. SURPRISE! Proud new owners of a green chevy blazer. That was one day to remember!

    I will fondly remember all of the road trips and driving around town with my friends that I did in that car. Snow trips, lake trips, city trips. That car did it all. I remember after one Tahoe trip my dad drove my car and found a couple of beer cans rolling around the back. Boy did I get an earful about that :)

    Of all the years I owned and drove that car, never once was I pulled over for speeding, of which I did frequently until I got rear ended by a dumb teenager texting on her phone. Then I became known as the grandma driver. I did get pulled over once for not using my blinker when turning in a turn lane. But didn't get a ticket. I think the police officer thought I had been drinking and was trying to nab for a dui...for the record, I wasn't drinking, I was hurrying home to play WoW, Wrath of the Lich King after getting my copy at the midnight release.

    So now that I've sold my car, I can now give my parents that money and in return I get a BMW. Yes a "little" car of which I once said I would never own. Let's face it, small cars get great gas mileage and foreign cars last longer than American cars. Plus, sports cars go faster and are really fun to drive :)

    Day 7 - A picture that makes you cry

    Today is such a fitting day for this. Exactly 1 month ago today my grandmother passed away. She was such a big part of my life and part of why I am who I am today. Without her I would not be as loved, happy, or successful as I am. I will miss her dearly for the rest of my life.

    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    Meet Me Monday #2

    Week 2 of the Monday questions. I have some time tonight so I thought I would get a headstart on this blog :)
    1. If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    I could eat Mexican food for the rest of my life and be completely happy. I don't think I could pick just 1 food like pizza, or a burrito or something. I really really enjoy all different types of food but Mexican is by far my favorite!

    2. Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them?
    It depends. Sometimes I have blog posts that I have thought out and have been working on for a couple of days but mostly I just type them out before I post them. I really should plan better in order to have some better quality blog posts.

    3. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
    I have not! Knock on wood :)

    4. What is your favorite candle scent?
    Oo this is also a hard one to pick just one. Maybe Sweet Pea. I really like that scent.

    5. Coffee or tea?
    Tea. Caffeine free tea. Makes me feel so good!

    Some fun crafts this weekend

    This weekend I've been doing quite a bit of crafting in addition to cleaning. I'm a beginner card maker and created just a few cards last night that aren't quite good enough for my Etsy store but are pretty good to use for things like Mother's Day or birthdays, etc. for my family and friends. I wanted to share with you all my cards and get some input so that I can improve :)

    Days 5 and 6 of 30 Days of Pictures

    Since I forgot to post yesterdays picture I'm going to post it today and call it good :)

    Day 05 - A picture of your morning
    My morning started with me waking up to Chainsaw purring right in my face trying to get me to pet him.

    Day 06 - A picture that inspires you
    San Francisco is my favorite city and is so inspiring to me because it symbolizes success and I hope to one day be successful. Plus the city is just gorgeous on a clear day :)

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    Bunny Blog Hop

    If you all are interested in joining a really fun blog hop, you can visit the host at Made by Jacqueline and also visit The Fruit Of My Hands for some blog candy :)

    While the cats away...

    My boyfriend Jeremy has gone on a trip back home (Texas) to visit his family and attend a wedding. What do I decide to do with all the alone time I'll be facing in the next 5 days?

    I sell my car and do massive amounts of DIY and crafts!

    I commute to work (a petty 30 miles a day but it's still a commute to me) and I drive a 1996 Chevy Blazer that drinks gas like it grows on trees! My parents recently bought a new car and are considering selling me their older car that would be pretty perfect for me to commute in. A small bmw (super cute!) that gets 26ish miles to the gallon. Fingers crossed!

    I'm teaching myself how to sew and I've started my first project...a tank top. I know, it's ambitious for a first time sewer but I'm confident that my shirt will become a great "cleaning" shirt :)

    Another item on my craft list, create a tag for my Etsy store to include in the packages when (if) people ever buy from my store. Sounds easy right? WRONG! I'm the ultimate perfectionist and the worst critic of myself and I can't seem to get this tag right. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated!

    Also on my list is to knit another frog or duck or knit my first mouse and fill it with catnip and let Chainsaw go crazy. I think it's clear which one I'll go with. Chainsaw is basically my child, and since Jack (my other cat) still hasn't come home I like to shower Chainsaw with toys, catnip, Fancy Feasts, and love to ensure that he doesn't get any ideas and find a girlfriend and take off too. He reciprocates with crop dusting (stinky farts) me when I'm trying to fall asleep and swatting me in the face when I don't pet him. Claws out.

    I guess I deserve it for making him dress up for Halloween and Christmas...

    On another note, it's Day 4 of my 30 Days of pictures so here it goes...

    Day 4 - a picture of where you went today
    Apart from work, which is super boring, I went to Carmax to get an appraisal for my car. Luckily it was more than I had anticipated :)