Friday, April 1, 2011

While the cats away...

My boyfriend Jeremy has gone on a trip back home (Texas) to visit his family and attend a wedding. What do I decide to do with all the alone time I'll be facing in the next 5 days?

I sell my car and do massive amounts of DIY and crafts!

I commute to work (a petty 30 miles a day but it's still a commute to me) and I drive a 1996 Chevy Blazer that drinks gas like it grows on trees! My parents recently bought a new car and are considering selling me their older car that would be pretty perfect for me to commute in. A small bmw (super cute!) that gets 26ish miles to the gallon. Fingers crossed!

I'm teaching myself how to sew and I've started my first project...a tank top. I know, it's ambitious for a first time sewer but I'm confident that my shirt will become a great "cleaning" shirt :)

Another item on my craft list, create a tag for my Etsy store to include in the packages when (if) people ever buy from my store. Sounds easy right? WRONG! I'm the ultimate perfectionist and the worst critic of myself and I can't seem to get this tag right. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated!

Also on my list is to knit another frog or duck or knit my first mouse and fill it with catnip and let Chainsaw go crazy. I think it's clear which one I'll go with. Chainsaw is basically my child, and since Jack (my other cat) still hasn't come home I like to shower Chainsaw with toys, catnip, Fancy Feasts, and love to ensure that he doesn't get any ideas and find a girlfriend and take off too. He reciprocates with crop dusting (stinky farts) me when I'm trying to fall asleep and swatting me in the face when I don't pet him. Claws out.

I guess I deserve it for making him dress up for Halloween and Christmas...

On another note, it's Day 4 of my 30 Days of pictures so here it goes...

Day 4 - a picture of where you went today
Apart from work, which is super boring, I went to Carmax to get an appraisal for my car. Luckily it was more than I had anticipated :)

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