Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've been doing a lot of Stumbling lately and have come across some really great sites. If you don't know what Stubmleupon is here is a quick rundown...

If you create a Stumble account you can install the toolbar and just click Stumble!. When you click Stumble! it takes you to "random" sites that are based on your interests, which you filled out as part of your profile. You can add friends and see their favorite pages and your friends can see your favorite pages as well. You can rate each site that you stumble with the thumbs up, or thumbs down buttons. More functions include sharing via facebook, twitter and email. It also keeps track of your thumbs up pages and shows you more pages that are similar.

I wanted to share just a few of my most recent favorite pages that I've stumbled recently. Feel free to add me too on Stumble if you are members! My name is saramarieg on there :)

The first site I want to share is Make your own glitter flats!
I haven't tried making my own glitter flats yet (I haven't found any flats that fit my feet!) but as soon as I find a great pair of flats I'm going to buy them up and make some awesome glitter flats! It is so simple to do and they great with just about anything. Plus they won't get glitter all over the place when you walk which is a plus if you have manly men living with you :)

The next site is San Francisco Wedding by Tanja Lippert
I absolutely LOVE this wedding! The red is used so well and the bride's shoes are just to die for! I also love this wedding because it's in my favorite city, San Francisco. The bags that the mother in law hand sewed for all of the guests is such a great touch. Maybe one day when I take the plunge I'll do something similar.

The last site is more a video than a site and it's Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes
Besides the fact that most of these movies are my absolute favorites (hello Star Wars!), the lessons are all very true and are applicable to life.

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