Friday, June 17, 2011

Awesome Blog Posts of the Week!

I've seen some of my blogging friends doing something similar where they link up their favorite posts that other bloggers have shared. I don't know that I'll do this every week but I sure will try! There are some really great writers out there who have the most fascinating and entertaining blog posts, and there are those who have the super relatable blog posts that really hit home, and those who just post about their everyday lives and honestly, I love every single post I read! I have some favorites for this week already and I'll try to post them on Fridays so when the hours tick slowly by at work you will have something to read :) Plus I know I love getting shout outs from people who read my blog and I love giving shout outs so people know that I love their blogs!

The first blog post I want to share is about making blog buttons from Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense - How to make a blog button
If you're like me, a beginner to this whole blogging thing, then you know how tutorials like this help tremendously! 

Next I wanted to share a post about staying motivated when you set goals from Creating My Way To Success
I love this post because many times I feel like I am a terrible blogger and no one likes what I post but the key is to stay positive and just keep at it!

This next post is just too funny! I'd like cheese on my entire family - bunny stalker!

This might be my favorite post because it has to do with forever homes for a very pretty kitty and very very cute puppy! See Zwieg Run - Meet the New Girls!

I loved this post because I often find myself not wanting to do anything either and motivation certainly eludes me most of the time :) Our Monkey Life - Motivation

My motivation for this post and hopefully my weekly posts :) She is so ambitious to be doing it daily! I can't wait to see what her favorites are!! The Professionally Insane M - Daily Favorites

I really love this post about extreme couponing and how it is definitely contributing to the obese population. She's so funny in the post too! Grandma's Guide To Life - Is Extreme Couponing Making America Fat?


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