Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunchables - Am I Too Old?

I'm a 24 year old girl and I have a confession...I love lunchables. My favorite is the pepperoni pizza lunchable with the air head candy as a dessert. Whenever they go on sale at the grocery store I buy more than is necessary and some how manage to eat them in a shorter period of time than I had anticipated. Not because it's such a small amount of food but because I love them so much I just want to eat them forever (not literally, just emphasizing how much I really love lunchables).

Whenever I buy the lunchables I always wonder whether people who see them in my cart think that I have children (I don't) and that's why I buy them or if they secretly have a love for them and know that's it's my heroin. Am I too old to be buying lunchables? Should I be embarrassed to be seen buying them when I have no children that will eat them? Is it like the McDonald's kid's meal where there is technically an age limit but still older teens and young adults still get it? 

 The concept behind the lunchable is to have a quick, semi nutritious lunch that takes 0 time to prepare, are the right serving size and are a children's meal. But all of those reasons are precisely why I love them (minus the children's meal part). I don't have to make anything the night before or the morning before I leave for work, it's a lot more nutritious than going out and getting Taco Bell (cheaper too), and they really do taste pretty darn good. It's just enough food for me to get through my workday without getting hungry and I never feel overly full (which is a good thing!).

Jeremy and I are trying to not eat out very often (saving for a house) and making sure we pack our lunches and while lunchables aren't exactly as cheap as making a sandwich, they are still cheaper than eating out when they are on sale, that is. There are so many different variations that are available, too and all of them are good, except the turkey in the turkey and cheese lunchable is questionable on occasion.

I'm pretty sure that I could make my own "lunchable" and it would be cheaper than buying them but it just wouldn't be the same. It definitely feels like a treat to have them because they aren't often on sale where we shop. It's sort of like a mini meal out, if that makes sense. I don't know if I will ever grow out of liking and eating lunchables and if I ever have kids I sure hope they don't like the lunchables because it really wouldn't be fun to "accidentally" eat my child's lunch :) 


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  2. Nope, not too old... I love 'em too. I have kids though so nobody will know that all the lunchables in the buggy aren't just for them. :)

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  7. I have four kids. I've bought a million dollars worth of Lunchables and maybe I've bought an extra for me.

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  11. Too funny! Is it weird that I've never tried Lunchables before? I feel like I'm definitely missing out.

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  12. I think any age can eat Lunchables, even an 80 year old. :) So glad we can feature you on Friendly Friday this week!

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  14. I'm almost 20 and I looooooove them!!!!!!!! Had a sale at target 5 for 5 dollars. I got 20......yesterday........I have 2 left.

  15. Hi Sara,

    I love lunchables as well but as a snack. I can't imagine them as a meal substitute. I love your blog, you should buy a real domain for it like .com instead of .blogspot.com so more people can find it. I'm a finance guy, so mine is www.growyourcash.com, I'm sure you can come up with a great name.

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