Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Day!

Today is my last day at my old job and tomorrow I start full time at my new job. I am so excited to be taking this leap and pursuing my career further, but I am still sad to be leaving such a great company after 5 years of being with them. I've made some wonderful friends and learned so much! I haven't gotten emotional yet but come lunchtime I fully expect to become a water park. Here are just some thoughts I've had today :)

Things I am Thankful for and Will Miss:
Learning so much about architecture and construction.
Making such great friends. I will miss them dearly but luckily email and texting is around so I can keep in touch :)
Realizing what I want to do with my career. If it wasn't for my old job, I would have never gotten into marketing and learned how much fun I have doing it.
Learning so much about marketing and networking with other marketing women my age.
I will miss sitting by the window and people watching. The parking lot that I look out on is so interesting!
I will definitely miss the 30 minute drive only for the fact that I could listen to quite a bit of music in that time and sing at the top of my lungs haha. A 5 minute drive is only what, one song worth, maybe 2?! I hope my new coworkers won't mind if I belt out some pop songs occasionally.

Things I am Looking Forward to:
Learning even more about marketing and construction :)
Making new great friends, and keeping up with the old!
Furthering my career.
Finishing up my degree.
Networking with more people in the industry.
Making more money (of course!).
Being able to ride my bicycle to work when the weather is nice.
Going home for lunch so I don't eat out all the time :)
Working so close to home and downtown Sac so I won't have long to drive to go to marketing meetings and stuff.
Working in a busy office with a lot of people. I am pretty social, so working with only 4 other people can stiffle me sort of. It's not bad, and I've gotten used to it, I am pretty adaptable. And I love my coworkers here but I really love having a lot of people around.

Things I Won't Miss
The office politics, but I'm sure that there will be some at my new job that I will ignore at all costs!
Not having a boss in the office. It's so difficult not having any direction for a whole year! I'm looking forward to having someone to report to daily again.
Having to drive half an hour to work! I will save so much in gas!!
Working only 30 hours. I'm sure after a while I will wish I could work less but right now I am so ready to be an adult and work a full 40 hour week haha!
Having the worst chair to sit in. I swear, no matter how I sit, I always feel like I'm going to tip backwards because the back of the chair is broken ><
Being frozen! I sit right under the a/c vent and the property managers banned space heaters so I've been soooooo cold! The new office where I sit is literally the perfect temperature! I did cheat and had a space heater tho hehe!
The moths. Yep. There are moths in the old office that fly around and bug the crap out of me. So long bugs!
The bathrooms. I swear, everytime I go in the bathroom here, someone is either taking a giant poop or just left after taking a giant poop and it always STINKS! I can hold my breath for a good 2 minutes now. The faucets are broken too and the motion sensors don't work so it takes like 5 minutes to wash my hands with the dribble of water coming out.

Overall, I've had a great experience working in Sac and previously in Chico but it's time to take the next steps in my career and I am excited!

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  1. Hi- Just stopping by on the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! I am a new GFC follower.

    Congratulations on your new job, may you be blessed tremendously!