Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stumble Me Friday Hop (Back)

After a weeklong hiatus the Stumble Me Friday Hop is back!

My button is broken this week so the image will just have to do!

This week's we do not have a cohost. If you would like to cohost please send me an email at :)

Welcome to Stumble Me Friday hosted by Let's Talk About Me. The purpose of this hop is to use StumbleUpon to help you promote your blog posts and get more traffic. Please read this post from Kelly's Lucky You on how to see if your Stumble was a success. Also please follow the rules!

Add a link to a POST that you would like people to Stumble to the Linky. If your link is removed from the list, it is because you put in the main url of your site. Do not link to your main site!!

Please do NOT enter any GIVEAWAYS or EVENTS, just your favorite posts that you want people to return to. If you do enter any giveaways or events I will remove your link.

If you have the StumbleUpon toolbar installed it is a very easy process to Stumble through the whole list. If you are not going to Stumble others, please do not join this list.

One link per blog per week and go ahead and Tweet or share this on your blog as well. The more people who participate the better for all of us!!

If you are the first person to Stumble a post, please fill out the Stumble Upon review page. You can only do this one time so make it count :)

If you would like to cohost this just drop me an email ( I would LOVE cohosts and guest hosts :)

Please stumble the host (me :)). To add some spice, stumble the person directly before you on the linky list and leave everyone you stumble a comment so they can stumble you back! It would be good to include a link to the post you want stumbled in your comment as well :) Happy Stumbling!!


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