Monday, September 26, 2011

Party Planning Committee

This is the part where my Angela from The Office  comes out. I am officially one half of the party planning committee at my office! I don't have another half yet, but eventually there will be two of us planning potlucks and fun events at work. Needless to say, I am SO EXCITED! The only problem, I've never planned office gatherings for quite so many people! My first event is the Halloween potluck and costume party and I'm not entirely sure how many people will participate in the costume contest if I tried to plan one. I have been browsing the internet and have some across some great articles that have really helped me out...which I'll link below. But I also would absolutely LOVE any advice that my blogging buddies may have for the Halloween potluck and for any future potlucks that come up (we're planning for one potluck each month).

Human Resources - Halloween at Work - I love the idea of the costume contest and definitely want to try to do it, but I also really like the idea of having Trick Or Treating at work around 4pm so that employees can bring their children and have a safe environment for them to trick or treat. On a Friday afternoon that would be so fun, even though this year Halloween isn't on Friday.

That got me to thinking, what if we invited our clients and their employees and all of their children/grandchildren to our office for some trick or treating? Not only would that show that we really care about our clients, but the word would get out and we would potentially gain even more clients!

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