Wednesday, October 5, 2011

StumbleUpon Finds This Week!

I've come across some really great pages from using StumbleUpon and I thought I should start a semi consistent post since I'm pretty obsessed with Stumble haha! If you want to follow me on StumbleUpon, my public profile is located here and you can see all of my likes and interests, etc.! Also, don't forget to stop by this Friday to join the Stumble Me Friday hop!

Someone doesn't know how to use Photoshop and someone else does. Pretty hilarious! Photoshop Help!

Yarn Bombing - Guerilla Street Art. Very cool how talented some people are and how creative! Some of the designs are just astonishing and then you think how in the world did they put that on the tree?!

DIY Halloween Bottles - Of course I had to post this because I LOVE Halloween! This looks easy enough to make a project for children too. I am definitely going to be trying this when I get enough spare time (which lately seems like never!).

House of Tourquoise - I am just loving this bedroom. The green painted walls is perfect with the tourquoise room and bedding. Plus the bed looks oh-so-comfy!

The Long and Short Of It - One Sided Braid - I love Lauren Conrad, ever since Laguna Beach. I boycotted the Hills when LC left and Kristin joined. Definitely the end of that show right there. Anyway, she has some really awesome hair, makeup, clothing, etc. tips on this website and this post is a great twist on the traditional french braid. I've tried it and it looks very nice and is so easy and quick!

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