Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bay to Breakers 2012 Progress

If you are just joining me on my progress to train for bay to breakers you may want to start on my Day 1 Bay To Breakers Training Post to get caught up :-)

I just finished up a 3 mile run/walk session today, my 3rd one so far, adding up to 9 miles total! The first two runs were terrible. I had old running shoes (5 years old) and as a result my calves would hurt so bad after my run that I could barely walk for two days. I finally got myself out to Fleet Feet and got a new pair of running shoes and immediately went on my run when I got home this morning and what a difference! I have no calf pain, just a little tightness, and no blisters or sore spots because these shoes fit me perfectly! I ended up getting the Asics GT-2170 running shoes and I don't think I have ever put on more comfortable shoes in my whole life. Plus they look cool! Not important, I know but I want to be running in style.

After my run today I am feeling a lot more confident about my endurance and building it up to run the bay to breakers in May. It's amazing what a new pair of shoes can do, whether it's heels that make an outfit pop or athletic shoes that take away the pain of having the wrong shoes. I've heard that it is best to replace running shoes about once every six months but I think I'll try to get these same shoes a couple of weeks before the breakers run just to be safe.

Thanks for you all keeping up with my progress :-) It's making me even more determined to meet my goal so that I don't let anyone down - myself most importantly! <3


  1. Saw your comment on my blog: Loves 2 Read - stopping by to follow you back! :)

  2. go for it!! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can! Everyone loves good running shoes!