Saturday, January 14, 2012

Orange Cable Knit Bracelet with Blue Button

Happy Saturday everyone in Blogger land! I just finished a bracelet and wanted to share it because the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous!

This bracelet took me about 2 hours to knit using a mini skein that I purchased from Tiny Dino Studios on Etsy.

This bracelet is approximately 6.5 inches long when not buttoned and 6 inches when buttoned. It fits my wrist perfectly and is so soft and comfortable I almost forgot I had it on after I took the pictures.

I have been playing around with the cable knit and decided to try this one out and it turned out so much better than I anticipated! If you are interested in purchasing it or would like one made in a different color you can check out my Etsy store SaraMarieCreations <3

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