Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Clothes Pin Magnets!

I did get some craft time in but between homework and making some nametags for a work event it wasn't enough (never is right)! Once the nametags are all finished I'll post those too and post a how to make them (so far they are easy but the hard part is coming up).

I love making the clothes pin magnets because they are easy to do and look so great! Plus I really enjoy hand painting them, another theraputic activity for me ha! This set was made partly for St. Patrick's Day and partly for Easter. More will be made for more easter colors like yellow and blue but I only had time to make the pink, purple, and green this weekend. The green ones are my fav! My cat Chainsaw liked watching me make these so much that he rolled in the glitter I was using. He is still sparkley!

Etsy link :)


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