Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crafts and a Doggy!

Just a short post with some more clothes pin magnets that I made, only with these I used a clear coat on top so the sparkles don't get EVERYWHERE! It works like a charm and the sparkles are still just as sparkley.

In other news, we adopted a 1 year old Miniature Pincher/Chihuahua mix! It was our gift to ourselves for our 3 year anniversary. She is so awesome and has transitioned into our family so smoothly. The only apprehensive one is Chainsaw, our humungous cat, who outweighs her by 5 pounds. The two kittens love her (Hershey) to pieces already and it's only been a week! Chainsaw is slowly coming around, and I have no doubts that with a little more time and a lot more loving he will love Hershey too :)

Please take me home! - As soon as she looked at Jeremy with this face, it was all over. We were not leaving without her!
I took her to the vet for a check up to make sure she was in good health and it turns out she has kennel cough and has to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks. AND the shelter we adopted her from did not give her the parvo shots (weird right?) so we can't even take her for walks yet, and she can't get her shots until her kennel cough clears up :( She's being a good sport about but she has a lot of energy that needs to be spent. Lucky for us she has only chewed up the toys we've given her but she's been eyeing a pillow that I made for Jeremy haha!

Chainsaw is not so sure about this new creature.
Jeremy is so cute with Hershey. He wanted a big manly dog, but Hershey has just melted him! "how is she?" "has she eaten today" "did she get her medicine" "how did she do at the vet". It's cute, and makes me love him even more!
We brought her home and she is so cuddly!

We also got lucky in that she was already potty trained so she hasn't had any accidents in the house. Part of that is because we take her out every hour or two just to be safe. but she lets us know if she needs to go. We have a pet door for the kitties to come and go as they please but Hershey doesn't quite get the concept yet, so she'll sit in front of the door waiting for us if she needs to go. We've tried showing her how to go in and out of the flap but we think wherever she was before us didn't have that and she had to wait by the door. Hopefully we can train her to use the flap so that when we aren't home she doesn't try to hold it.

 Tomorrow will be her first trip to my parents house, which is out in the country. She's going to have a blast being able to run around in their huge yard. I can't wait to see how my dad reacts to her. I know she'll win him over :)

Hershey is such a pretty girl!


  1. Hershey is so cute. I can see how she got her name. Have a good weekend.

  2. she is a cutie... take care, that big cat looks like he's considering her for dinner! ^^
    I hope you're all continuing to settle well together!
    Shiny Bubbles