Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Engagement Party

This past weekend was my engagement party, and boy was it fun! My fiancee's family flew out from Texas and my sister flew in from Portland, as well as our bridal party and my family who drove in. I wanted to share the flowers and vases that we did as decorations along with the "Meet the Maids" and "Meet the Men" tables.

First, I went to Michael's and got some plan picture frames that were on sale for a buck a piece. I then got the first letter of each name of the ladies and gents in our bridal party. I painted it all myself using martha stewart paint and I think they turned out great! I then had each lady and guy send me a picture that I printed out and put in the frame. I did a separate meet the maids table that had fabric swatches and a whole packet of information which you can find in my post here.

Next, I went back to Michael's during their vase sale and got 8 vases. 4 of them are the ones you see that have the lemon slices in them, and 4 of them are smaller and fit inside that hold the flowers, because putting flowers in lemon water is not a good idea :)

I had some help slicing up the lemons, and they ended up being about a quarter inch thick or less for each slice. I cut each flower off of the bunch so that they were easier to position so the vases looked fuller. I did find this idea in pinterest :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How To Coordinate Bridesmaid Dresses

All of my bridesmaids are the best women I could ask for, but unfortunately they are all located in different states! This makes shopping for dresses very difficult. I decided that I don't necessarily want each one of them to wear the exact same dress not only because it is hard to coordinate that with the distance, but each one of the ladies have their own personalities and body shapes so I'm sure they each would prefer different styles. So how do I get each one to have the same fabric/color/length/etc?
I created these simple handout packages that have fabric swatches with the color and length on them along with a few styles of dresses that I really like and think would look great on the ladies. I also put that the color can vary within 3 shades since finding the EXACT match is nearly impossible, unless you buy a dress from the store that the fabric swatch came from (which I included that information as well). The bridal boutique that I bought my dress at offers a 15% discount on bridesmaid dresses so naturally I put that information onto one of the handouts as well. The boutique offers shipping so my ladies can order their dress at a discount and have it shipped directly to them. I did this when I was a bridesmaid and would have worked out except that bridal boutique (different than mine) scammed me and didn't actually ship the dress. Luckily the bride picked it up for me, which is also a possibility for my wedding.
I also included a printout of the contact information for all of the bridal party and the parents of the bride and groom and a separate handout for our wedding website and registry information. These will only go to the bridal party and the parents of the bride and groom.
I started with our wedding colors and painted some clothes pins in the orange that we are using. Then I sparkled them up and tied some turquoise twine to them. I know my bows can use some help :)
 Then I created the handouts and attached the color swatches to them.
Put them all together and use the clothes pin to hold all the different handouts together and voila!
The result is a simple package for each bridesmaid that is cute and matches the theme of the wedding. Easy way to coordinate with the distance.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Bear Beanie

I knit my very first baby bear beanie! The size is a little off from the instructions, I didn't have the exact yarn and I got a little overzealous when knitting the body heh. But overall I love how it looks and hopefully the mommy-to-be loves it too!

Bear Beanie
The instructions are very clear, I just was silly and didn't guage the yarn prior to beginning the bear beanie. It will still work, for a toddler or older child, not quite for a newborn. The yarn I used is Jojoland brand, Fantasia. It's 100% Wool Superwash. I skein of this was more than plenty and there is a little bit left over for a headband or something smaller.

What do you all think?

This will be available soon in my etsy store, and also here if anyone wants to request it. Just shoot me an email and let me know the color and how old the person is that the beanie is for and I can make one in a jiff!