Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Bear Beanie

I knit my very first baby bear beanie! The size is a little off from the instructions, I didn't have the exact yarn and I got a little overzealous when knitting the body heh. But overall I love how it looks and hopefully the mommy-to-be loves it too!

Bear Beanie
The instructions are very clear, I just was silly and didn't guage the yarn prior to beginning the bear beanie. It will still work, for a toddler or older child, not quite for a newborn. The yarn I used is Jojoland brand, Fantasia. It's 100% Wool Superwash. I skein of this was more than plenty and there is a little bit left over for a headband or something smaller.

What do you all think?

This will be available soon in my etsy store, and also here if anyone wants to request it. Just shoot me an email and let me know the color and how old the person is that the beanie is for and I can make one in a jiff!

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