Monday, January 28, 2013

Lacy/Cable Knit Cowl

As promised in my headband pattern post I would be showing off my latest cowl!

I used Red Heart Boutique Treasure yarn from Michael's (yarn sale woot!). Knitting it didn't really take me as long as I thought it would. I started it Saturday afternoon and had it all finished that evening about 10pm, so I'd say about 8 or 9 hours total of knitting while watching Rock of Ages over and over and over again. My new favorite movie, Jeremy hates it!

It's very soft and warm. The colors knit up very nicely too. I was a little bit skeptical when I saw it in the skein but once I got about halfway through knitting the cowl I could see how the colors worked together and looked very nice! I might modify the pattern a little bit to make the lacey part look a bit different. I like it the way it is but I think I would like it better with a different stitch. Only way to know is to try it out!

I have it listed in my Etsy Shop Here if you are interested!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 1/21-1/27 Awesome Blog Posts!

Sunday, January 27, 2013
Starting Over - This post is great! I always love reading those posts about bloggers who have been away for a while and are coming back to share their adventures! I really hope to read more from Jessi at The Juici Life :)

Jealousy Is An Ugly Color - This is such a wonderful post about the downside of blogging, and also how to overcome it! Kaitlyn at Wifessionals writes so well and really hits the nail on the head with the jealousy issue. I haven't had much exposure yet but I know that doesn't mean I never will.

Pinterest Done Me Wrong - This is a funny post about some of the pinterest recipes turning out not quite like the recipe boasts! Melissa at Completely Exposed is so honest in her posts and is really hilarious. I am entertained whenever I visit her blog!

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Honey Headband Knitting Pattern

Happy Sunday to everyone! This week I started school and so my knitting time has been reduced quite a lot. With the time I did have I knit a pretty neat ear warmer/head band for my fiancee's sister and then I knit a really pretty lacy/cable knit cowl, which I'll post later. I'm really into cowls right now. I just love them! Especially when I sit in the office all day and it's freezing cold.

The headband was very fun to knit. I created my own pattern based off of the honey cowl pattern since I love it so much! It took me a couple of tries to get it right but finally it turned out great!

I have it listed in my Etsy shop here for the pattern and here for the actual headband if you want me to knit one for you. It's not a hard pattern so I'm also showing it here for free :)

I used Bernat Roving in the color called Putty.

Cast on 51 stitches, or the required amount for the headband circumference to measure 17 inches, or the circumference of the head you are knitting for :)

Place Marker and join together to knit in the round.
Row 1 - *K1, P1, repeat from *
Row 2 - *P1, K1, repeat from *
Row 3 - *K1, P1, repeat from *
Row 4 - *P1, K1, repeat from *
Row 5 - Knit until the last two stitches, then K2tog
You should now have 50 stitches.

Row 6 - *P1, Sl1, repeat from *
Row 7 - Knit
Row 8 - *Sl1, P1, repeat from *
Row 9 - Knit
Repeat rows 6-9 until the head band is the approximate width you would like. Mine is 3.5 inches wide. Once you get to the very last knit row before you start the seed stitch, on the last knit stitch, knit into the front and back to make 1 so that you end up with 51 stitches total again.

Row 10 - *P1, K1, repeat from *
Row 11 - *K1, P1, repeat from *
Row 12 - *P1, K1, repeat from *
Row 13 - *K1, P1, repeat from *
Bind off loosley. I use My Favorite Stretchy Bind Off.

 If you notice any errors in the pattern please let me know! This is my first pattern that I've tried writing down so I'm sure it is far from perfect!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm Co-Hosting the Hump Day Blog Hop!

Happy Hump Day!!
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chunky Knit Cowl

Hello Hello! I have finished yet another cowl in record time! Just like the last one, this is my new favorite ha! This was a very quick knit, only taking me about 4 hours. I love the pattern. I found a similar one online and then changed it up a bit for the beginning and end rows. I also LOVE the yarn. I picked out one of the Chunky Mochi yarns from Crystal Palace Yarns. The color is 820 and self striping. There were so many options but I am a huge fan of pinks and purples and really liked how they blend with the blues in this. I have it listed in my Etsy Shop if you are interested!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lacy Knit Cowl

I am in a knitting mood and have been for about a week. I finished this cowl, which I LOVE. It's definitely one of my all-time favorites. The pattern is gorgeous with the lace and it's very cozy. This one took me about 8 hours total spread out over two days. It's about 11 inches tall and 24 inches circumference. I took it with me to work today so that I could finish casting off and weaving in the ends on my lunch break and a coworker already requested that I knit a similar cowl for her! It took me one whole skein and part of a second of the Red Heart Classic yarn in grey. The yarn doesn't feel so soft while knitting with it but when I put the cowl on it feels great! Very warm, not scratchy, and very stylish :) You can find it in my Etsy Shop Here!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh

I recently posted about the cowl that I knit for my grandmother and had a request to post the pattern. I actually initially saw the pattern on Reddit and the pattern was linked in the comments to Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh

The pattern is extremely easy and really looks amazing! I modified mine a little bit since the yarn I was using had so many different texutres. My photos don't do it justice. The pattern is really pretty knits up very quick. I also knit this same pattern in KnitPicks Brava Worsted in Camel Heather and it looked very nice. I didn't get any photos of that one since it was a xmas present for my sister. I'll try to get her to send me a photo of her wearing it so you can see how it looks.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Log time no blog!

Boy has it been too long! Here is a recap of the happenings since September when I had my engagement party:

School started! I took 12 units in addition to working 40 hours which was brutal but I did learn a lot. The courses I took were Business Law, Advertising, Selling Professionally, and Organizational Management. My favorite was definitely Selling Professionally. The professor was so enthusiastic and having been in sales for his whole career, he knew a tremendous amount of information that a text book doesn't have.

I bought a new house and moved in at the end of October! Technically I bought in May but since its a brand new house we had to wait for construction to finish. The neighborhood is awesome! We are so close to downtown Sacramento that we can walk!

Still planning my wedding if course! I found the most perfect dress. It's a secret so you will just have to wait until July to see it hehe.

I started working out with a great group and trainer. Check out savage to see more info. Chris is really great and everyone who goes to bootcamps are so inspiring and encouraging.

The holidays were not so fun this year! I got the fly right before Xmas and have been sick since. Several doctors visits later and they think I have severe bronchitis. Not fun! I'm slowly on the mend now but my poor fiancé is now sick with the flu. This season is just awful for flu!

I did finish a couple cowls, one of which I gave to my sister for Xmas. I didn't get a photo of that one but I do have one of my most recent cowl! I love the yarn, I wish I had saved the label because I can't remember the brand, and I definitely want to get more. The different textures makes the cowl look amazing. Plus the little hint of sparkle right in the middle I LOVE! This one is for my grandma.