Sunday, January 27, 2013

Honey Headband Knitting Pattern

Happy Sunday to everyone! This week I started school and so my knitting time has been reduced quite a lot. With the time I did have I knit a pretty neat ear warmer/head band for my fiancee's sister and then I knit a really pretty lacy/cable knit cowl, which I'll post later. I'm really into cowls right now. I just love them! Especially when I sit in the office all day and it's freezing cold.

The headband was very fun to knit. I created my own pattern based off of the honey cowl pattern since I love it so much! It took me a couple of tries to get it right but finally it turned out great!

I have it listed in my Etsy shop here for the pattern and here for the actual headband if you want me to knit one for you. It's not a hard pattern so I'm also showing it here for free :)

I used Bernat Roving in the color called Putty.

Cast on 51 stitches, or the required amount for the headband circumference to measure 17 inches, or the circumference of the head you are knitting for :)

Place Marker and join together to knit in the round.
Row 1 - *K1, P1, repeat from *
Row 2 - *P1, K1, repeat from *
Row 3 - *K1, P1, repeat from *
Row 4 - *P1, K1, repeat from *
Row 5 - Knit until the last two stitches, then K2tog
You should now have 50 stitches.

Row 6 - *P1, Sl1, repeat from *
Row 7 - Knit
Row 8 - *Sl1, P1, repeat from *
Row 9 - Knit
Repeat rows 6-9 until the head band is the approximate width you would like. Mine is 3.5 inches wide. Once you get to the very last knit row before you start the seed stitch, on the last knit stitch, knit into the front and back to make 1 so that you end up with 51 stitches total again.

Row 10 - *P1, K1, repeat from *
Row 11 - *K1, P1, repeat from *
Row 12 - *P1, K1, repeat from *
Row 13 - *K1, P1, repeat from *
Bind off loosley. I use My Favorite Stretchy Bind Off.

 If you notice any errors in the pattern please let me know! This is my first pattern that I've tried writing down so I'm sure it is far from perfect!


  1. Looks like a great project. I might try it if I didn't have two left hands.

  2. love this

    would love it if you could share this on my link party

    Natasha @

  3. I love this. I should try knitting too:)

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog's NB. I blog for health: Lipoid Pneumonia, Breast Cancer & Petroleum Jelly and crafting: Valentine Heart Wreath

  4. Awesome headband!!
    Great post!! I included it in my post Βόλτα στη Γειτονιά #20 :)
    Have a great week!!

  5. Thank you all! I'm trying to get to each of your blogs to leave you some love too...slowly but surely I'll make it!

    Thanks again :) Your comments make me more confident in my pattern (first one!). So thank you thank you thank you!