Friday, January 11, 2013

Log time no blog!

Boy has it been too long! Here is a recap of the happenings since September when I had my engagement party:

School started! I took 12 units in addition to working 40 hours which was brutal but I did learn a lot. The courses I took were Business Law, Advertising, Selling Professionally, and Organizational Management. My favorite was definitely Selling Professionally. The professor was so enthusiastic and having been in sales for his whole career, he knew a tremendous amount of information that a text book doesn't have.

I bought a new house and moved in at the end of October! Technically I bought in May but since its a brand new house we had to wait for construction to finish. The neighborhood is awesome! We are so close to downtown Sacramento that we can walk!

Still planning my wedding if course! I found the most perfect dress. It's a secret so you will just have to wait until July to see it hehe.

I started working out with a great group and trainer. Check out savage to see more info. Chris is really great and everyone who goes to bootcamps are so inspiring and encouraging.

The holidays were not so fun this year! I got the fly right before Xmas and have been sick since. Several doctors visits later and they think I have severe bronchitis. Not fun! I'm slowly on the mend now but my poor fiancé is now sick with the flu. This season is just awful for flu!

I did finish a couple cowls, one of which I gave to my sister for Xmas. I didn't get a photo of that one but I do have one of my most recent cowl! I love the yarn, I wish I had saved the label because I can't remember the brand, and I definitely want to get more. The different textures makes the cowl look amazing. Plus the little hint of sparkle right in the middle I LOVE! This one is for my grandma.


  1. This looks great! Can you share the pattern? It looks easy...just what I need...easy!

    1. I will definitely share the pattern! I'll make a new post this evening with it! Glad you like it, the picture doesnt do it looks really pretty in person :D