Sunday, February 10, 2013

Awesome Posts of the Week 2/4-2/10

Welcome back blogger pals! As always I hope you get as much enjoyment out of these posts as I did :) This week I found a ton of new blogs that are super-freaking-awesome and so most of these posts are from those wonderful ladies.

I was doing my normal saturday blog hopping looking for new friends and I found Postcards from Rachel who, by the way, is an outstanding blogger and has such interesting posts and very unique photos from her travels! Anyway, this post of her Westie is so cute :) I've wanted a Westie (and a cavalier king charles spaniel) since I can remember, so when I saw her cute pup I had to share!

In Designer Jeans planned a baby (girl) shower for her sister and it turned out great! I love posts like these because they are so inspirational and it's so fun to see how someone put so much time and effort into something and it ended up turning out better than they had ever thought :)

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  1. Hi Sara! Nice to meet you!

    Thanks for stopping by, following and linking up with my NO RULES Blog Party :)) I'm your newest GFC follower.

    Have a great week!