Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Overwhelmingly Busy!

This semester is looking like it will be my busiest yet! I'm working 40 hours per week, going to school 20 hours per week, am the executive vice president of the student chapter of the American Marketing Association, I'm the chair of the research project that we just started and have a whole 8 weeks to complete and present, trying to keep my blog updated with good content, and I'm planning a wedding for July! I don't know what I was thinking taking all of this on!!!

I have some blog posts planned, and hope to get them out soon, probably one per week but I'd like to do more. One good thing about my classes is that they are allowing us to bring in our tablets and use with the e-books for the class. So smarty pants me takes my tablet and does some work and blogging while I'm in class. Especially during my personal finance class. The first few chapters have been snooze fests...common sense that my mom and dad taught me about money management. Pay off your credit cards, don't buy things you don't need, pay your bills on time, etc. etc. etc. My business communications class will be very interesting I think. So far it's been a bit bland and also common sense about using correct grammar in emails and professional writings. The most recent class we had was about how to read non-verbal communication. I really enjoyed that part of it. Maybe I'l blog about that.

Keep an eye out for a post about creating a slamming resume, creating business cards, SEO optimization, and other marketing hot topics. The AMA group is planning to hold some seminars/classes to help others create resumes, business cards, websites, etc. and I'll be blogging about our journey!

I'm super excited to be part of the AMA, not only because it's great for my resume, but also because I will learn valuable skills in working with groups of individuals who come from all walks of life. Plus I think I'll make some great friends this semester!

Today the AMA hosted a free webinar about content marketing. It was very interesting and informative. I'd like to create a post about that, though I don't think I'm an expert in it quite yet. The short and quick definition of content marketing is creating content that is relevant to your target market, and will generate activities producing revenue from customers (such as purchasing a product or service). One thing I'm not too fond of with the AMA webinars I've watched are the sales pitches from the speakers. I understand that they have a product or service they want to promote, and hosting webinars is a great way to get the word out there, but sometimes the sales-y part is just too much! I don't mind a little bit, heck I even expect it. But pushy sales just gets me. Today's webinar was actually pretty good, and not pushy on sales at all. They even saved the sales pitch for the end of the webinar instead of opening up with it, which I really appreciated ha!

Anyway, just a quick update for all you bloggy buddies. I hope I can still have time on the weekends to knit :( I just created a new pattern and am about halfway finished with the cowl too! I'm looking forward to finishing it and sharing it with you all. Sorry for the jarbled thoughts being thrown out there. Blogging is my outlet to get it all down and reference back to when I'm stuck or can't remember what ideas I had!

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  1. Wow! You *are* busy! Good luck with everything!