Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mini Vacation Trip To Vegas - Day 2

If you are looking for Day 1, click here!

Day 2 we woke up around 8 and got ready. We went to the hotel marketplace where they had a lot of options for breakfast. Jeremy and I both had the biscuits and gravy, which was very yummy! 

 We only had a couple of hours until our timeshare presentation at 10am so we just lounged in our room after breakfast until then. I won't bore you with the details of the timeshare presentation but it lasted a good 2.5 hours, well after our lunchtime! And no, we didn't not buy a timeshare.  

After the timeshare presentation we walked over to Circus Circus and ate at Rock and Ritas again (it was THAT good). After lunch we walked outside to where the open top bus tours leave from. I would highly recommend doing this. There are two bus lines, red and blue, and each one goes to different parts. The cost for a 24 hour pass for 2 people was about $70 and you can ride either bus lines. We didn't get to the blue one but next time we will! 

The red bus line takes you around the casinos and has a tour guide talking about the history of Vegas, the casinos, and the future plans. Our first tour guide was kind of loud and annoying, but luckily we didn't stay on that bus for long.

We didn't realize it when we started the tour, but the bus doesn't stop at every casino. It makes periodic stops and you can get off to explore or get back on if you are done walking. We got off by the new Hilton holtel that was the Aria hotel, near Planet Hollywood. I was adamant about wanting to see the Hard Rock Hotel and that was the closest stop. It was about a mile walk from where we got off to the Hard Rock Hotel. It was worth it. I got my t-shirt (I collect hard rock shirts from places I've been). 

By the time we got back to the bus, it was getting dark. We got really lucky and caught the very last bus of the evening. This bus took us all the way to the end of the strip where the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign is.

We couldn't get off the bus to take any pictures because there was a quite large wedding party. Not my ideal spot for a wedding but hey, whatever floats your boat!

Next we drove past the wedding chapels. Surprise! Another wedding was happening!

We didn't get a chance to stop at any of the wedding chapels. Maybe next time!
The bus started to make it's way back to the other end of the strip, and it was so cool because all of the hotels and casinos were lighting up since it was getting dark. 

The Luxor was one of my favorites. It has the hieroglyphics copied from King Tut's tomb on the sides. The light shooting out from the top of the pyramid can be seen as far away as Los Angeles! 

The New York New York was also very pretty when it was lit up. It's a toss up on if we would stay here, or stay at the Luxor the next time we visit. We didn't get to go into either of them while we were there, just drove by on the bus.


The MGM Grand was just meh in this picture. We didn't realize how pretty it was until we were flying out Saturday night. When it is lit up fully, it is emerald green. Like in the Wizard of Oz. It was stunning. I unfortunately didn't get a photo since when we were taking off we had to have our electronics off. 

What's this? A Hard Rock Cafe less than a quarter mile from one of the bus stops? DOH! We walked 2 miles to and from the hotel when we could have just gone to the cafe on the strip. I say it was still worth it. Jeremy would tell you a different story!

 This was an interesting building. It is going to be demolished soon since it wasn't built with the proper materials. It will be neat to see what goes there in it's place.

 Harley Davidson!

Lady Gaga stays at the Cosmopolitan. Fun fact: The employees at that hotel were protesting because the Cosmopolitan is not unionized. 

The Flamingo! I loved how the entrance looked when it was lit up. 

Wynn and Encore. Wynn has the only ferrari dealership in all the casinos. You have to pay $10 to get in to even look at them.  

Finally the tour ended back at Circus Circus. We walked over to the mall area and after much debating on where to eat, we settled on Stripburger.

The nacho fries were outstanding. Highly recommend! 

After our dinner we went over to Circus Circus and won some money! Let me rephrase, I won some money. Jeremy lost.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sparkle Teal Knit Cowl

I knit this cowl for my cousin Carla. I took too long because now it's 80 degrees here in California and no sight of cold weather! My midterms and mini vacation to Las Vegas got in the way. Regardless, this is one of my favorite cowls that I have knitted. The yarn is gorgeous! It has metallic in it for a nice sparkle, and it isn't scratchy at all. The teal color is so vibrant. The photos don't show the color as bright as it really is.

The pattern I found for it is really pretty. I love lace patterns! I have knit this pattern before with a different yarn and modified the pattern for this teal cowl. The yarn I used on this teal cowl didn't knit up very high with one round of the pattern so I doubled it and changed the edging a little bit. I love it.

I'm going to be ordering more of this yarn in different colors so that I can make a bunch for my Etsy Store. I have this teal cowl listed as a "made to order" item so if you would like one in one of the colors offered I can knit one up! It takes me just a couple of days to knit.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mini Vacation - Trip to Las Vegas Day 1

Day 1 we left Sacramento at 9:30 am on Thursday. We flew Southwest and got to go through the new terminal at the Sacramento International Airport. It is very pretty and there was a chandelier that looked stunning with the sun shinning on it. The picture doesn't do it justice.

While at the airport we stopped at Jack's Urban Eats to get breakfast. I got the black forest ham and brie scrambled egg sandwich, which was delicious! Jeremy got the apple sausage sandwich which was also very tastey, but greasy.

The flight was really fast and smooth. Southwest has the best flight crew. They have great personalities and made me much more relaxed about flying (I'm not a great fly-er).

When we landed in Vegas we got a bus shuttle and it took us an hour and a half to get to our hotel (Hilton Grand Vacations) so next time we will be getting a taxi or renting a car. It only took so long because our hotel was at the complete end of the strip and the shuttle dropped off other passengers along the way to ours, and of course we were last!

The Hilton was pretty decent. It's at the end of the strip by circus circus and the stratosphere, which is kind of far from the main part, but its not that bad. Rather walk a little more and pay less for the room for first trip out. Next time I think we'll stay somewhere in the middle of the strip, and of course we will have a much larger budget ha!

After we checked in we walked over to circus circus to eat. We made our way through the maze of a casino to Rrock & Ritas restaurant. I got the buffalo chicken wrap and Jeremy got the BBQ chicken wrap. Both were so tasty  but Jeremy's was the best. The BBQ sauce was so sweet and the wrap had the perfect amount of chicken, sauce, and other less important ingredients. He liked it so much he wanted to order a second, but I wouldn't let him haha!

After our lunch we decided to walk down to the main part of the strip to look at the other casinos and do some shopping. We went to treasure island and saw some neat souvenirs. I made a note to come back to get the Hershey puppy a cute shirt with a skull on it and I picked up some sword earrings for myself.

Then we walked over to the Venetian and walked through an art gallery type of shoppe. We found a couple pieces we really liked but the prices are crazy expensive (like $7,000 and higher) so we are going to narrow down our pick and start saving up. We weren't allowed to take any photos of the artwork so I can't show you any on here :(

Madam Toussad's is right by the Venetian so we stopped outside to get some pictures with Jessica Simpson and The Rock. We didn't go into the museum on this trip, but it is on the schedule for our next trip to Vegas!

After that we went over to Caesars palace and had a nice glass of wine (pinot grigio) and to rest our feet. We played some penny slots (boring) and I won $3 while Jeremy lost $20 haha!

We walked back over to treasure island where they have a free pirate show outside that started at 5:30pm and goes every couple of hours after. It was worth the zero dollars spent. It wasn't super spectacular but it was fun and entertaining. The special effects were very cool and the actors/actresses were very in shape and attractive.

Then we started to make our back towards our hotel because we were hungry and exhausted. We saw a sushi bar called RA at the Fashion Show Mall and stopped to eat dinner. Very yummy sushi! We ordered the caterpillar roll and the tempura shrimp roll. Caterpillar is totally the way to go. We ate it so fast I didn't even get to take a picture of it! We also got the mochii dessert which I highly recommend. There were three flavors, vanilla, strawberry, and mango. My favorite was the strawberry but honestly, all of them were good!

Another stop at circus circus to play blackjack was a bad idea. We each lost $20 there...doh!

The Riviera looks pretty neat at night when it's all lit up! When we got back to the hotel we crashed out pretty fast. I had wanted to go on the club tours that night but apparently sleep was more important!

tips: wear shoes you can walk and stand in for long distances and hours. my feet are so sore! have a bag/purse/backpack that is comfy and not heavy. my back isntvtoo happy with me