Sunday, April 14, 2013

We Got a Grant!! - American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter

I'm so proud to announce a project that I've been working on for the last few months. This semester I've been so fortunate to be part of the American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter at American River College. I was elected to Executive Vice President and also was the chair of a great project that we were awarded a $5,000 grant for!!

The Business Education Statewide Advisory Committee (BESAC) has a pool of funds that they use to award grants to college business clubs every year. One of our advisors, Don Carlson, was the Chair of BESAC this year and got our club involved in a project. Our project was to show the benefits of having a business club on all Community College campuses in California. For reference, there are 112 Community College campuses in california, and only ONE, yes ONE, has an American Marketing Association club. A handful have DECA, SIFE, and FBLA. That's not nearly enough to make an impact!

To start off our project, we created a survey that was sent to all 112 colleges, as well as the national and regional chapters of the clubs such as AMA, DECA, SIFE, and FBLA. The survey was to find out how many people were in business clubs in college, and of those, who found the clubs to be beneficial to their careers. 

We had about 52 individuals complete the survey, with half of those individuals having participated in a club while in college. Of those 26, 70% found the clubs, and the skills they acquired while participating in the clubs, to have benefited their professional careers. 

We then looked into some projects that business clubs from around the county participated in, and how those activities helped to mold the students into better business leaders. 

On Friday, we attended the event and had a table similar to a tradeshow booth. You can't see the boards behind us very well, but they look great! There is a bio board that has the biographies of each member of the team. Then there is another board that has some of the flyers that our chapter has created over the past couple of years. 

We created a presentation and presented our findings to the BESAC and CALBC groups on Saturday. We got a lot of great feedback on the presentation and the message we are sending. The message being, all community colleges need to have business clubs on campus. We even got some of the professors to be interested in being the advisors for the clubs. That will be the biggest hurdle, getting the advisors for each club. Most teachers are so overworked and find it hard to devote even more time to other activities like starting a new club. Hopefully we can help find ways to make the time commitment of the advisors to be manageable!

If you would like information about our presentation, or would like information on how to start a club on your campus, please contact me!!

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