Monday, August 5, 2013

Malabrigo Yarn

My husband is the best. For his job he goes to people's homes and does energy audits. He was at a nice woman's home doing his audit and noticed that her 3-car garage was filled 3/4's of the way with tubs and tubs of yarn. He mentioned that I love to yarn and got into a conversation about knitting, etsy and yarn. 

He gave her the link to my etsy shop so she could see what types of things I like to knit. She went to one of her many tubs and pulled out this amazing skein of malabrigo yarn for me. 

I am still in shock that she gave a complete stranger a very nice, and gorgeous, skein of yarn! It's so pretty that I don't even want to knit anything with it. I just want to look at it!

Any suggestions on what I should knit? It's 210 yards of worsted weight. I'm thinking a beanie or a cowl. Maybe the Madelinetosh Honey Cowl that I knit for my grandma a while back??

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