Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Did You Spend Labor Day Weekend?

Did you know that Labor Day was originally intended as a holiday to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers. The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday September 5, 1882 in New York City, according to the plans of New York's Central Labor Union. It didn't become part of a three-day weekend until 1884 and wasn't a national holiday until 1984 when Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September a legal holiday.

Today, there are so many activities that individuals, couples, families, groups, etc. participate in during the Labor Day weekend. Moviegoing is one of the most popular activities - it gets people out of the heat, is relaxing, and let's face it, there are tons of great movies to see! The Butler is one of the popular ones for adults with Planes being huge for children and families. 

Some people may be laboring this weekend, instead of relaxing! According to the Business Journal of Philadelphia, up to 50% of people in the US are either working, or looking for a job this weekend. Two years ago we installed pavestone at my parents new cabin in Lake Almanor. Boy was that fun! Is the sarcasm that obvious? Really though, it turned out great and it was the best weekend to get it done! We had our whole family there, drank some beer, and got it done. This weekend is a great time to finish up painting, moving, renovations, gardening, etc. 

Labor Day weekend brings around some really great sales, if you are into shopping (I'm looking at you, ladies!). Michael's craft shop is having a store-wide 20% off sale. My plan is to head to Michael's on Monday, but I'm sure that the items I'm looking for are going to be all sold out, or have limited colors left. Urban Outfitters is bringing everything in the store down by 30%! J Crew Factory is 40-50% off on items in store and online! This weekend is also a great time to buy a car. There are cash incentives, extended warranties, upgraded options, etc. depending on the make and model of car. Chevrolet is having some great deals going on throughout the weekend.

If you're like me and my family, you enjoyed some time on the lake water skiing and wakeboarding. We drove up to my parents cabin at Lake Almanor on Friday and while it's been a bit chilly in the mornings, we've gotten some great, flat water. Saturday night we bbq'd chicken and hamburgers, Sunday night my mom made some tri-tip, and Monday we'll be back at home and will do something easy for dinner. The hamburgers were made with a burger press that I got my brother Tim for his birthday. They were the perfect shape and size. We also got him some burger starter which tasted so delicious! 

When we weren't on the lake we were napping or just hanging out relaxing. I tried to get some knitting in, but somehow managed to fall asleep instead. Besides getting behind on my knitting project, it was great! We all needed the break from reality for a weekend and even though going back to work on Tuesday will be tough, we'll be energized and ready to tackle the week!

So what did you and your family do this weekend? Did you enjoy a delicious barbecue, some beer, and maybe a dip in the pool? What about a weekend at the lake enjoying some wakeboarding? Did you do some shopping and find some great sales? Tell me about your weekend!


  1. Hi, thanks for following via Bloglovin, I am following you on there as well! Sounds like you had a great labor day weekend. I saw the Butler as well, I thought it was very good, very good acting. I also went to see the movie Now you see me which was also very good.

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