Sunday, November 24, 2013

Estate Sale Finds 11/23 - Monet and BSK Signed Brooches, Reclaimed Hand Painted Shadow Box

I've started going to estate sales each weekend. It's so much fun! My parents come with me sometimes and find some great items. I've been mostly looking for craft items and vintage jewelry. This weekend I found some great treasures including an awesome hanging shelf with a mirror that was hand painted. It's a bit beaten but still looks really cool.

I also found some neat vintage brooches. Two of them were signed, one by Monet and one by BSK.

Vintage BSK Strawberry Brooch

Vintage Monet Gold Tone Brooch
I also got some adorable mini clay pots that I haven't taken pictures of yet. Overall, definitely a great haul. I'm pretty excited at refurbishing the mirrored shadow box. The hand painted trim is so pretty so I think the only thing to do is replace the rest of the wood and stain it. Pretty easy project!

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