Monday, June 9, 2014

Estate Sale 6/8 Haul

Happy Monday!

The weekend just flew by and I wish we could have another three day weekend so I can finish everything I had planned! On Saturday a good friend of mine had a baby shower. I finished two beanies but not the third for her soon-to-be-born little boy. The third I should have finished *soon*.

On Sunday my parents came up and we hit about four estate sales. One was absolutely fantastic and the other three were very picked over, but still fun to go to nonetheless.

I'm really pleased with my haul this weekend. I ended up spending a grand total of $67. I was specifically looking for craft items, knitting especially. I found a handful of different sized straight needles for $2.00. Most of these sizes I have in circulars and in DPNs but only a few in straight. Can never have too many needles!

I also found these really freaking awesome bedsheets. Brand spankin' new, still in the plastic wrap. Originally $100 and I got them for about $10! They are in the wash now but before I dropped them in, they were super soft. I'm expecting them to come out of the wash even softer! We needed new sheets badly so I'm really happy about this purchase.

Probably my favorite item is the red sequined fabric. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it other than try making a super cool halloween costume. Besides that I might make some pillows or a pin cushion with it. There is a lot so I'm not worried about finding things to make with it. I got this for about $4.

Self explanatory wrapping paper. The house that I found most of these items from was just packed with holiday decorations including wrapping paper, ribbons, and a whole room full of silk flowers. It was kind of overwhelming! This wrapping paper I picked up for about $1 total.

Christmas wrapping paper

The best find though, was this brand new Singer sewing machine. It works and has never been used. It came with a really nice carrying case too. I have been looking to get a nice sewing machine for a while now since I had a teeny tiny little machine from wal-mart that let me sew super basic items. I spent $50 on this - since Sunday was the last day everything was marked down and haggling was much easier than on previous days. Plus there was so much stuff in this house that I think the sellers just wanted to get rid of things so they were great about working with us on pricing.

The last estate sale we went to I found this vintage monet butterfly brooch. It is signed and in great condition. I have it listed on Ebay but I'm seriously considering keeping it. This only set me back about $.25 - definitely worth it!

Monet Brooch

After finishing up our estate sale shopping, my parents and I went to Dona Chiyuta's in West Sacramento for lunch. As always it was delicious and well earned!


  1. I love estate sales. I found a great one recently. Trouble is I buy stuff I dont really need, but then again I always leaves wishing I could have got more. You found some great things

    1. Thanks Janice! I feel the same way - I always feel like I could have gotten more. My husband would say that I don't really "need" anything that I get but I beg to differ ha!