Monday, June 23, 2014

WIP - Blue Baby Beanie

Since it's summer vacation, I have to pack in as much knitting as I can! One of my favorite friends is having a little baby boy in a few short weeks and I've been trying to create some cute beanies for her little bundle of joy. I have seen some really cute patterns for beanies on Etsy and thought that I'd try to create my own. My inspiration is something similar to this beanie created by DoubleJCreationsNM. We'll see if it turns out how I'm envisioning. If not, well, I can always torture my cat and make him wear it!

knitting pattern

The yarn I'm using in Lion Brand Baby's First in the Sea Sprite color. It knits up pretty quickly since it's bulky. One thing I'm struggling with is using dpns while knitting. I keep getting the ladders during the needle change. I think it will just come with practice though. I don't usually knit with dpns but my US 10 circulars were no where to be found and I just had to start on this project.

knitting pattern

I'm about halfway finished with it and have spent maybe a cumulative 4 hours on it. I'm also a bit nervous about the poms that go on the corners. This will be my first time creating those so wish me luck!

Once I'm all finished I'll update with a FO photo. Hopefully the ladders aren't super noticeable.

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