Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 13 of 30 Day Running Challenge

Day 13 is down! It was another hot day today but at least it was under 100. For a Monday I feel pretty good about the 2 miles I put in. I really wanted to do 3 but those pesky shins and knee pains just won't let up! It's much better than it was a month ago but still not completely gone.

Hershey enjoyed the run, despite the photo above. She kind of looks high but I think it was more of a "let me inside I'm freaking hot" look. Her paw is still a little tender from that bee sting over the weekend so by the end of the run she had a slight limp.

All around, it was a great run, better that we both did only 2 miles and didn't push it with injuries.

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Did you go for a run today? Meet any goals you set?

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