Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 7 of 30 Day Running Challenge

Day 7 is complete! I've done a whole week of running at least one mile every day. I've had some shin pains here and there but overall I am feeling really good. I'm creeping up my distance and trying to increase my speed. I'm still a little turtle-y but I'll get there!

Today I had some shin pain, not soreness, but pain. My left shin which has typically been the better feeling shin, had some sharp stabbing pain. I ran through it but slowed way down. I was about halfway through and was determined to finish the 1.5 miles. I ended up slowing down and the pain went away. I was hoping for a pace of 9:45 but ended up at 10:11. Hopefully tomorrow I don't have the pain and can run a super quick mile.

Hershey of course got another compliment today. A nice, but somewhat creepy, guy said that she looked like a good dog. Then she growled a little at him because she doesn't like strangers. Hell, I don't like strangers either.

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Did you go for a run today? Meet any goals you set?

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