Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 9 of 30 Day Running Challenge

Happy start to the 4th of July weekend! Mark another day off of my 30 day calendar. I feel fantastic! Yesterday I really started feeling more energetic from running every day. Today I felt really great too, didn't feel out of breath and the soreness in my legs didn't start up until I was at 1.9 miles. It was a bit warm today again so I'm glad that the three day week will be here so I can get my runs done early before the heat sets in.

At the start of our run we ran into Hershey's friends Fez and Chichi. I should have snapped a photo of them, and definitely will next time. Fez is pretty adorable because he and Hershey really like each other and their tails start going a mile a minute with excitement. Chichi is cute too but she isn't exactly friendly towards dogs not named Fez. Hershey wanted to play with both of them but we had to get our run done.

One cool thing about today was that the tower bridge went up to let a boat through. The last time I saw that happen a giant boat came through but today it was a teeny tiny sail boat that was just really tall. It was pretty neat so of course I had to stop to take a couple of pictures.

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Did you go for a run today? Meet any goals you set? Any plans for 4th of July weekend!

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  1. Happy 4th! I'm trying to visit some of my blogging buddies on Bloglovin to see what they are up to as I feel like I have been neglecting some of my followers :) We celebrated Canada's day on Tues here in Toronto. I don't care for outdoor running, but I do run on the treadmill and I get my cardio done at the gym.