Monday, July 7, 2014

FO - Baby Blue Beanie With Party Tassels

knit baby hat

It's finished! A couple of weeks ago I posted a WIP for a beanie I was knitting and just making up as I go. It turned out better than I anticipated. The color is perfect and the yarn was so nice to knit with.

knit baby beanie

This was knit with Lion Brand Yarns Baby's First in Sea Sprite color. I couldn't find my circular needles at the time so I knit this with DPNs and ended up with some small ladders between each needles. I haven't knit with DPNs much, I think one or two projects I've done needed them for the entire project, the rest of the time I just use them for the tops of the beanies that knit.

knit baby blue hat

The finished beanie fits a 3-6 month old. I didn't measure it before I wrapped it as a gift for my friend who is having a baby soon but I'd estimate that the circumference is about 16 inches and the height is about 7 inches.

Knit baby blue hat

The tassels were surprisingly easy to make. I hadn't ever made tassels in the past so was nervous about getting it right. I ended up wrapping my yarn around a bookmark several times then looping one strand through all of the wrapped strands and tying a knit. Then I cut the loops of the bunch at the bottom to create the tassels. Easy peasy!

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