Monday, June 1, 2015

Passport to Dry Creek 2015

This year my husband and I were treated to a weekend in Dry Creek for Passport to Dry Creek! My mother in law (MIL) invited us and we each took turns being the designated driver. The event took place on April 25 and 26 in the Dry Creek Valley of California.

On Saturday we started our journey at Quivira where we picked up our passports and had our first tasting.

Our second stop was A. Rafanelli which had a large spread of food and wine. During the weekend I tried my first lamb, rabbit, and duck meat. All were delicious and not anything like I had imagined. 

Outside the winery was a baby goat, who was absolutely adorable! I was surprised the entire weekend by how many wineries had dogs who were out and about, mingling with guests.

We visited several more wineries on Saturday capping it off with Fritz, the underground winery. The cave was spectacular.

As was the view from the outdoor area.

All of the wineries had gorgeous views of their vineyards. Some of the wineries we visited had views of the surrounding area. We had a perfect weekend with perfect weather, perfect company, and great wine and food. I definitely recommend this excursion. 

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