Monday, January 25, 2016

New Year Update - Fingerless Gloves and Redecorating

I'm finally finished with school - forever!! Well, maybe not forever, but I at least have my B.A. now. I'm considering going to graduate school but at the moment I'm going to enjoy the time off from school.

Over the holidays I had grand plans to knit and sew and do all things crafty. Unfortunately I had to work more than I expected so I only got a few things done.

New Year's Eve
On NYE my husband and I had some friends over. Of course I had to clean up and redecorate our downstairs before they arrived! About a year ago I bought a chest from an estate sale and my husband wanted to stain it. He promised he'd have it finished before NYE and he delivered! We also got a new couch (for free, booyah!) and I went to good ole Ikea to get a rug. I really love how it turned out. I also decorated the table for our dinner.

Baby Boy
The dinner party was so much fun and one of the couples announced they are having a baby boy, due in June! Of course that means lots of knitting so the baby has some hand made accessories. I started, but haven't quite finished, a cute beanie from one of my knitting books "Hip Knit Hats" by Cathy Carron. I adapted the pattern to be baby sized. So far it looks adorable, I just need to finish the drawstring and poms for the ends.

Fingerless Gloves
One of my other projects was a set of fingerless gloves. I had an inquiry on Etsy to knit them, but the person never followed through on the purchase so I'm keeping them for me! I knit them with 100% cotton and used ombre buttons. I really like how they turned out.

Progress pictures. I binge watched Jessica Jones while knitting these gloves. Great show!

And now the final gloves. The cotton makes them really soft and warm at the same time. I use them at work - in the mornings the office is pretty chilly to me and the gloves help without hindering my typing.

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